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Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Life On Trial

On Sat, 18 May 2002 20:22:23 -0400, Marilyn Hubley
>Okay my kids are home, I'm happy but check out how this went down. The
>Farmer called me at 12:30pm and said he had a surprise for me, I asked MY
>DOGS? He said I'm not telling you just meet me at 1:30pm at the barn. I'm
>like I can come now!!!!! he's like no no 1:30pm. So I sit and stew, sit
>stew and at 1:25pm I'm out the door. Arrive at said barn no one there yet,
>see him coming. I'm standing there with two leashes and collars in my hand
>and he says come into the barn, okay. Now he's carrying a big bottle with
>nipple on it, YA AT THIS POINT I'M WEIRDED OUT and is calling around the
>barn and I see NOTHING!!!! Eventually two Lambs about a month old came out
>and were very startled by him and even more by me, he asked me to back off
>for a sec until they got started on their bottle and then asked me to come
>forward. So I'm watching them feed and telling him how adorable they are
>and I glance sideways. WELL %*(#@@% there's a dead lamb laying right
>:( I'm devastated, I think my dogs have done it, I ask him and he says oh
>no that one got caught under the feeder and died (apparently this isn't
>uncommon) and he'd brought it in the barn but hadn't disposed of it yet!!!!
>Now I know I'm in a nightmare, so I wait while he feeds the lambs and tells
>me about dogs chasing his sheep and a bunch of different sort of crap that
>really wasn't comprehending at that point. Eventually he says well I've
>to shoot one dog and it was very hard on me as it was my friends pet and he
>never talked to me again. I'm like OH SHIT he's shot my dogs, no he says
>not dead but had them since Thursday when they went missing and didn't tell
>me when I saw him same day to teach me a lesson. At that point I didn't
>care what the crazy old fart had to say after I just nodded and smiled and
>grinned like a freaking idiot. So more lectures, I explain I rescue and
>to the best of my (and thousands of dollars) ability to keep the little
>beggars in. Then he feels bad well I didn't know that he said I'm glad you
>do that that's good follow me, we go around to the back of the barn to the
>entrance to the barn cellar. Have ya ever been in one? I have PITCH
>That's where he kept my two bays since Thursday afternoon. Feed them once
>day he said then said twice, so your guess is as good as mine, and watered
>them. Apparently he had tried to leave the door open a tick for sun but
>Tundra escaped (I don't want to know how he caught her). We they were
>BESIDE themselves to get out of there, he wanted to open up the cellar and
>let them go and I'm like NOOOOOO god they'll bolt again. He figures they
>won't want to come around there again, and I wouldn't either but you know
>huskies. Anyway I then proceeded to lose my keys, found them, stuffed the
>kids in the Durango and backed the heck outta there as quick as I could all
>the while he's going I hope you don't hold this against me!!!!! LOL Some
>days I seriously think I should have a camera crew following me throughout
>my day cause some of the %#&@ that happens to me no one would believe if
>they didn't see it, end of story, still have headache.
>Marilyn & The Hubley Hooligans


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