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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Xmas Song 2001

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001Sing to the song Soldier Boy
Weaverkins!!!!!Oh my little Weaverkins!!!!!!Why did I pick you!!!!!!!
You were a cute pupa soft and fluffy precious pupI thought that youwould be perfect for me toooooo
I did not knowYou'd excavate my lawn sodigging up everythingnot even trees are safe
WeaverkinsOh my puppy WeaverkinsHow did I get you!!!!!
I appreciate the landscapingbut it looks a lot like a bomb came inI know your goodbut the yard looks like the moon
I break my neck out therewalking around and filling holesoh my little Weaverkinswhy do you eat poop
WeaverkinsOh my little WeaverkinsGod must be testing me


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