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Friday, April 29, 2005

COJO's Adventure

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000 14:08:19 -0400, Marilyn wrote:

Hmmm what's with today? I decided to take the dogs for a walk, no big
deal. Except they all wanted to go and happen to spot the leashes, I was toast.
So I harness all 5 UP and off we go into the fields. Well they were a
tugging and a pulling. So I let the 2 old girls off to go on ahead by
themselves. So I'm walking 3 two young huskies and a hound. Well the
hound starts a dragging me here there and everywhere and there's been so much
rain this year even the weeds are shoulder high and I'm 5'8. Finally I figure I
have to let Tundra off, she's good always comes back buttttttttt I unhooked
COJO by mistake. AND HE'S OFF!!!!!!! Well I called and called for 1/2
hour, took the dogs back and put them in the yard and took my off leash
older girl for a hike to find him. We looked everywhere back in the woods.
Got back jumped in the jeep and did the rounds at the local farms as Cojo
see's himself as a great sheep, horse whatever hunter. NOTHING, come back
start the relatively long process of picking all the burrs off myself and
outta my hair and brushing out the other dogs. Then I heard it!!!!!!!!!!
That bark, I knew that bark and the direction it was coming from was
completely the opposite way he'd run off and was at my local farm. Jump in
Jeep drive down, let myself into the paddock, wad through sheep shit and
there he is barking at the horses. Thank god the sheep where in the pens
and he hadn't found them yet :) or so I thought. Usually a good boy who
comes to me when I find him, he decides to play SILLY BUGGER!!!! Dodging
this way and that, you can't catch me Mom. ERRRRRRRRRR then on one of his
dodges he catch scent of a SHEEP off to the barn yeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhaaaaa. After the stampede in which I was almost
trampled to death by sheep several times, I finally got the little shit
cornered (not before we are both covered in sheep poop). He tried
valiantly to get by me but was pooped and gave up. Great, survey the scene and all
sheep are still standing but one has obviously cut one corner too fast and
has a bloody nose. Take Cojo out, into Jeep, drive home. Get him out,
back of Jeep is now COVERED in sheep shit. Take him into the yard, he's
powerful thirsty and HOSE the little bugger off. Not quite what I was going for on
my walk but thank goodness everyone is safe and sound, except maybe that
poor sheep with the bloody nose. I hope he doesn't croak!!!!!!!!!!

Marilyn, Tasha, Carl, Tundra, Lady and Cojo (I can't wait for next time
cause those sheep are mine!!)


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