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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On Tue, 1 May 2001 Jayke Bites

On Tue, 1 May 2001 13:42:38 -0400, Marilyn Hubley

>Well I know its been awhile since my last Hooligan adventure but the kids
>have been a bit restrained since I broke my big toe getting Jayke to the
>vet. That does not mean however that they haven't been creative and up to
>Hooligan Hijinks.
>First I finally decided to go on the Claireville Malamute hike with my two
>young sibes Tundra and Cojo. Now being one person against 6 dogs and
>to weed out just two to take, is not a simple task, let me tell you. But I
>was doing okay and finally had just Tundra, Cojo and Jayke in the house.
>I'm in the sunroom and the dogs are outside 3 of them and 3 inside, grab
>sunroom door to take others out to the car, won't move. Yes Tundra in all
>her excitement has now locked me out of the House YET AGAIN. Its getting
>pretty routine actually except it was early Sunday morning and I had to
>the neighbours to borrow their ladder to break into my house. Re-enter
>house and yell at Tundra for locking me out which she of course just
>and goes racing away. Now Jayke was staying in the house while we were
>as she does like to sing outside and it frightens people :) Unfortunately
>in her excitement Tundra ran down to the front door (Jaykes territory) and
>they got into a scrap as Jayke had her bone down there and I hadn't moved
>yet. Well luckily Tundra had her Harness on so I hauled her off and put
>in the basement.
>Now things only had to get better from here right? No!! on the way down
>highway I'm looking for signs and directions and the kids are seat belted
>the back but Cojo can still get close to me and blocks my view while we go
>right through the turn off and we are lost for awhile. But we made it on
>time and still got to go. I had the two hooligans on a 24foot training
>that I wrapped around my waist so I wouldn't have the constant tugging on
>arms which I can't tolerate for long without serious pain. Unfortunately
>size 28-29 waist was a size 23-24 when we got back.
>The next day a friend visits and brings lunch, I offer a beverage, being
>good hostess I am, and go down to the basement to retrieve it. Now Weaver
>the 9 month old pup was in and he and Jayke followed me downstairs. On the
>way back up Jayke was half was up the stairs and Weaver cut her off and she
>slid back down and picture this: Butt on floor, hind legs on first step,
>front legs on 3rd step. Yep WEDGED right in and she can't get up, I'm
>thinking oh my god I have to lift the 100lb critter. So she is a
>and I reached down and hauled up her back end where upon she BITE MY
>HEAD!!!!! Yes my head, no blood, wee bit of a headache and slobber all
>through my hair, yes I had guests but luckily it was a Husky Breeder so he
>understood my dishevelled state when I returned with his Ice Tea.
>So things are not quiet at the Hubley Hooligans as you can see even though
>the bike rides are down to a minimum.


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