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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000 Rabbit Roadkill

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000 20:24:56 -0400, Marilyn wrote:

>Well today's walks yielded some hysterical laughter from me and strange
>looks from passers by :)
>Took the Hound and Cojo and Tundra for a walk. Everything's going fine
>we're strolling along and I spy a rabbit killed by a car up ahead. I
>thought well I'll let the dogs walk past it (1st mistake), then I thought
>hell their good dogs I'll let them look at it (2nd mistake), going right
>on a limb why not let them sniff it (3rd mistake, have I told you I'm head
>injured yet) LOL no excuse I know. Well they all had a sniff and Cojo
>decided it was his and grabbed it, I tried to make him drop it but gave up
>and let him walk with it in his mouth (fresh kill) parading around like the
>great hunter. Finally on the way home I started to try and make him drop
>it, not a chance, he hide behind the hound (they were leashed together) and
>in the process wiped bunny blood all over the hounds butt (yep its white).
>On one attempt to snag the bunny the heart (some innards) flew out and
>Tundra grabbed herself a snack. My next attempt I held the dog stepped on
>the bunny and proceeded to rip off the poor things leg which unbeknownst to
>me Tundra was snacking on again. Finally I thought, THAT'S IT, I'll choke
>it off the little bugger, that's when cars starting stopping to ask if we
>were okay ROFLMAO. I'm like oh ya he's just got a bunny and I'm trying to
>get it off him (no I'm not trying to kill my dog lady). Finally Cojo gave
>up and became tired after holding it for a long time and dropped it and I
>yanked the chain to get him away. SUCCESS!!!!!!!! but wait, Cojo's a
>ticked off he lost his prize, sooooooooo he attack Tundra she scampers
>so hey why not take on the Hound I'm chained to!!!!!!!!! So Cojo and the
>Hound have a battle, hounds hairs all up and quite a ruckus ensued. At
>point I'm pretty sure I'm going to die of embarrassment as cars are slowing
>down at the stop sign to see what's up!!!!!!!!!! Well I let them finish,
>really not much I could do and they've done it before and its all show,
>we resume our homeward trek. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!!!!!!! My god I'm
>insane!!!!! Needless to say tomorrows trip will be on a different route
>just in case some coyote hasn't picked up the snack Cojo left him all over
>the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>No flames please I know it was a stupid mistake and I'm paying for it, got
>rabbit blood on my pants :)


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