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Monday, February 11, 2008

Today's Aborted Walk

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003 16:37:11 -0500, Marilyn Hubley
>Hi everyone, yes Barb I'm alive :) Was going to sled this afternoon but
>still have a nasty wind that's really chilly so decided to walk a couple of
>the older dogs. Tasha & Big Red drew the straws. Of we set, I'm barely
>the path and on to the driveway and Big Red is scaling 5 foot deep snow
>banks to pee in the yard. Okay fine, ya lunatic, have at it. Only took
>half the lawn to find his spot and my goodness he barely walks well enough
>on the floor never mind 4 & 5 foot deep snow!!!!!! Finally I haul him out
>to the driveway. Okay lets go!!!!! Apparently the side of the road I
>choose ( you know facing traffic) was not acceptable and Tasha (both on
>flexi leads) made a beeline for the other side. Big Red & I followed. Now
>Big Red WANTS TO GO BACK IN THE SNOW. I had to shorten his lead cause the
>silly bugger keep walking into the deep snow and getting stuck. He
>come back to the road, road is bad, snow is better kinda look at me. So
>we are moving so quick now I've probably gotten a good 30 feet past my
>driveway in 5 minutes. Pull him back out start up hill, Big Red no likes
>hill :( Wander, wander, stop and stuff face in snow and look as god darn
>adorable as they come with snow all over his face looking at me. Tasha is
>running around wildly at the end of the flexi wondering what the heck is
>with all the hold ups. Finally we didn't even make the top of the hill and
>Big Red laid down in the snow and started eating and digging holes in it
>with his face. I waited, Tasha waited, and waited and waited. By this
>we had maybe gone a total of 100 feet, the wind was HOWLING up the hill, I
>forgot my ear muffs and darn it I was FREEZING. Fine Big Red wins, lets
>turn around and go home. Had to keep pulling to keep him outta the deep
>snow, by the way he wore the snow on his face all the way home, fashion
>statement????? Or embarrassed to be seen with me??? Okay I wasn't looking
>my finest, blood tests, urine test, EEG & Chest Xrays this morning left me
>wee bit dishevelled!!!!!! Anyway the Big Bugger looked darn proud of
>himself as I unlocked the door and let him in after a walk that a snail
>could do. Some days I don't know why I try!!!!!!
>Marilyn & The Hubley Hooligans


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