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Monday, February 11, 2008

Why me? Long Story

On Sun, 16 Feb 2003 14:57:33 -0500, Marilyn Hubley
>Okay the adventure continues!!!!!! Today I decided to sled again. First
>off I took Cojo & Pride (the gimp) well they were pathetic as sled dogs. I
>mean Cojo is from Sled Dog stock and he just kept sitting down and hunting
>mice. Then the two of them would beat each other up because they'd get
>tangled. FINE we did our run I brought them back and being the stupid SOB
>I am I took out Weaver & Tundra. Thats when the day turned DARK for me.
>Left from my Neighbours yard said I'll be back in a bit got the fast team.
>HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OR NOT. Off we go flying at Mach 3 we're moving fast, oh
>look a corner, oh dear I'm not going to make the corner I'm moving way too
>fast. (remember thought processes aren't working well at this stage of
>panic, forgot about the brake). Off I go FACE first into the ice & snow
>yes I let go of the dog team :( Felt my cranium compressed into my spinal
>column OUCH thats going to hurt later. The dogs didn't even LOOK BACK
>ONCE!!!!!!!! I screamed and called, screamed and called, NOTHING. So if
>you let go of your team your a real musher eh???? I LOST MY TEAM. I
>for over an hour, hiking for miles, in the back 40 trying to find them.
>about this point I figured out I better head home and get help, oh and what
>was that stuff on my lip SNOT?????? no BLOOD. Yes my face first into the
>ice and snow had cut up my face pretty bad and I had a bleeding nose.
>fricking freezing out it just froze to my face. No time for pain lost my
>dogs!!!!!!! Alert neighbours to situation, they ask what happen to my
>then I jump into Durango drive a few miles no sign of the Hooligans.
>Come back neighbour gets out sled and we start looking, did I mention I
>couldn't find my helmet so I went without???? Okay after several miles on
>the snowmobile my face is frozen, can't feel my ear and still no sign of
>dogs. Ask him to go the other way. Over the crest of a hill we come and
>people are waving at us. OH LOOK its the COPS!!!!!!!!!! Yes there was an
>officer and a Gentlemen. I jumped off the sled and yell please tell me you
>FOUND MY DOGS!!!!!! Yes they had, the dogs had followed the trail out to
>the road, went south and into this gentleman's back yard for a visit. I
>rode home on the snowmobile jumped in the Durango and went to the mans
>house. He invited me in and there were my Hooligans (Weaver & Tundra) who
>barely even glanced at me cause they were getting some loving. I was just
>HAPPY they were safe and the sled was in one piece.
>Then the people started to look at me asking me if I was OKAY? Yes I was
>still sporting a lot of blood on the face and in a panicked state not
>much sense. They suggested I wear a HELMET next time. NEXT TIME????????
>my neighbour being the kind person he is pulled up and said Marilyn I'll
>take the sled home you get the dogs. THANK YOU PAUL I SAID!!!!!!! So he
>took the sled, I answered a few questions for the Officers (luckily one of
>them had a Siberian from the same Kennel as me) and I departed. I thought
>should go to Tim Hortons for a coffee then figured no I NEEDED ALCOHOL
>that ride. Got home released the nasty Hooligans into the yard to tell
>their tale, went to neighbours to thank them and for a beer.
>I'm home now, in bad shape, boy am I going to feel this tomorrow. Promised
>the neighbours I wouldn't go without my cell phone next time and to come
>back home first if I lose the dogs again, also not to go without them being
>home :( They also suggested a HELMET. Can you say DUMB ASS???????? The
>Idiahubley was interesting but not hoping to do it AGAIN!!!!! Maybe I'll
>just go with ONE dog from now on. Great now even the COPS know about the
>crazy dog woman of Alliston :(
>Marilyn & The Hubley Hooligans (was a lot lighter without Mom on the sled)

On Mon, 17 Feb 2003 09:00:14 -0500, Marilyn Hubley
>Luckily this is incident remains UNSEEN by the rest of humanity, which
>me to retain some dignity thank goodness. Only my neighbours witnessed the
>bloody face and the cops. No one really knows how I did it :) Why do you
>think I do these things alone :) I want no witnesses, I've already given
>myself every DUMB ASS award there is :) Amazingly enough I can still look
>at the whole incident, detached, and HOWL at my stupid ass self :)
>Marilyn & The Hubley Hooligans (I hear Mom might take one dog today, who's
>feeling FRISKY???)


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