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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ruler of the World

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002 16:52:03 -0400, Marilyn Hubley
> Hi Amber :) I often sit and reflect on how wonderful a ruler I would
>Trying to get this house to respect me is a different story. Mom keeps
>bringing in new dogs and I have to start my work over completely. I
>immediately mount anything that walks on four legs to show whose boss but
>with this last one, just a Lab, I'm now sporting a big cut in the corner of
>my eye. What was that dog thinking?????? Its me PRIDE ruler of
>I'm having a hard time with this new Malamute too, I know he can't see me
>very well and I can sneak up on him but darn I'm afraid the wobbly old
>bugger will fall over one me.
>As soon as I get this house in order and can take the Throne as King I'll
>see about starting classes on how you too can be like me :) Aren't I
>Pride Ruler of Hooligans
>Mom (NOT)


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