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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On Thu, 5 Apr 2001 Biking with Sibes first try

On Thu, 5 Apr 2001 12:37:54 -0400, Marilyn Hubley

> Well all you people that combine your exercise and outings with their
>inspired me. So today I decided Cojo and I would bike ride together!!!!!!!
>Now I tend to leap into things, you know walk where others fear to tread?
>run :) That explains some of the following (broken neck, coma, divorce,
>countless boyfriends, 6 dogs etc.)
>Anyway, I did wear a HELMET!!!!! :) Now getting Cojo out of the backyard
>proved a wee bit painful as his leash touched the electric fence and we
>got quite a jolt :) So powered up on my electricity high we set off.
>Now he made the end of the driveway corner LIKE A PRO. I had him on an
>extendable leash strapped to my fanny pack around my waist.
>The first obstacle was directly ahead two houses down, fresh rabbit road
>kill from last night. We made it past without toooo much trouble, then
>the mailboxes that needed to be watered but the drive to run got the better
>of him. The temptation of a drink from the ditch got overwhelming at times
>but we were moving fast and he was listening, I was growing confident.
>Now the stop signs coming up and Cojo is pulling me full tilt, couldn't go
>for the full stop but slowed down enough to make sure nothing was coming,
>nice wide open space. Continue on down past my neighbours that apparently
>see me with my dogs and laugh (so I was told by one I just meet this week)
>when they see me being dragged. I've only been here 2 years but
>they know me :) Now I'm in front of about 6 houses on a rural road the
>is open, so Cojo decides nope that mailbox HAS TO BE WATERED, then not,
>to, then not and over the handle bars I went. Now I wasn't counting on getting
>through my first episode with out some loss of skin so I gathered up my ego
>and stuff myself back on the bike and continued on.
>The rest of the outing went about the same as the first part but Cojo
>listened well. We arrived home, Cojo with tongue on ground, I parked my
>bike in the garage, put Cojo in the sunroom and hit the sheets after I made
>sure the war wound on my knee wasn't in need of further attention.
>Now the good thing is I was going to take TWO on my first outing so
>something upstairs was working cause I only took one :)
>Bruised and scrapped will try again tomorrow, weather willing, with Tundra.
>Now I have to go to the Vets and pick up Weaver from being neutered this
>morning and will have to explain the limp I didn't arrive with this morning
>Marilyn & The Hubley Hooligans


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