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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Adventures in Nail Cutting

On Sun, 10 Nov 2002 15:51:10 -0500, Marilyn Hubley
>Well today I decided was nail cutting day ;) Hound usually the worst was
>gall darn cooperative I've sure he's been taken over by aliens. Was an all
>out struggle between me and my youngest trying to cut his nails today, HE
>HATES IT. I had to LAY on him and of course during the struggle clipped to
>low and he's a BLEEDER big time so had to stop eventually and then chase
>around trying to put the styptic power on the bleeders to stop them :)
>did he SCREAM!!!!!! All in all, not a good try but then I've asked my
>family to go in on a GROOMING table for me so I will have something to help
>in these wrestling matches I lose on a regular basis!!!!!!!!!!! Thank the
>lord for families, Xmas & Grooming tables :)
>Marilyn & None of the nail trimmed Hooligans except Carl the Hound


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