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Monday, February 11, 2008

Max's first day with Mom

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 17:39:21 -0500, Marilyn Hubley
>Well it was going WELL :( We had an INCIDENT!!!!!!!!! I was outside
>cleaning the yard up for the day and bringing in two more dog houses for
>Hooligans. In the middle of this I heard a scuffle. Sure enough my Alpha
>Tundra had Max and was giving him shit and hauling him around by the scuff
>of the neck. He must not have given her the DUE respect for an alpha or he
>took something that was hers. Unfortunately this sent Max into a panic and
>he bit his own paw and drew blood :( I got there fast and stopped the
>but poor Max was so upset so I immediately threw away all spectators and
>him in the house. He was bleeding from his back paw he bit but it stopped
>quickly and he hurt his front paw (I imagine it twisted) but its getting
>better already :( He's starting to perk back up now but poor baby it was
>destined to happen at some point and it rocked his world. He's more than
>content to lay with Mommy inside now.
>Marilyn & The Vicious Hubley Hooligans
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>Last night Max slept with Cojo in the sunroom and was a very very good boy.
>I heard him at 7am and put him outside :) All was going well and I was on
>my way to the gym when Max spotted me outside scrapping the ice and snow
>my vehicle. Okay change of plans where ever I go today Max is going with
>me. Might as well see how he reacts to our town. So we went for a big
>ride together (mental note, Max needs seat belt as I couldn't see out of my
>passenger window or mirror for a FURRY WHITE HEAD the whole time :) Then
>went to our town for a visit. He came to the post office with me to pick
>our Secret Santa present, behaved very well. A man came up and patted him
>(yes without asking idiot) but Max let him no problem. Stopped at my
>Groomer friends, to introduce Max, he totally ignored the cat in front of
>him (cat known for smacking dogs). Then it was off to the Gym to tell them
>I wouldn't be there as Max had other ideas :) Everyone ewwwww and ahhhhed
>over him. Several men paid attention to him. Then we did a drop by at my
>vet to show them our new addition. Here there was another Cat and he
>sniffed it and ignored it. Actually he was much more fascinated with their
>Birds!!!! Then we went to the pet store where Max went shopping. The
>dropped by while we were there and went ga ga over Max. She is a rescuer
>also and is hoping to move from her Townhouse to start taking more animals
>soon and loved Max. Said he was gorgeous and asked if I could bring him
>back for a photo session. She is a photographer too and wants to set Max
>and his beautiful whiteness against a blue background :) Max sniffed
>everything in the store but never helped himself to goodies laying out. He
>was given a free Cow Cheek (he wasn't quite sure what to do with it but
>it). Then it was off to Tim Hortons Drive Thru for a coffee where Max
>turned on the charm by sticking his head out the window to show off his
>gorgeous self while the drive thru people ewwwwed and ahhhhhhed at him.
>Then it was home sweet home where he just wanted back outside to be with
>rest of the Hooligans :) All in all a very good day and I am very proud of
>him :) We tell his story where ever we go and then they love him even more
>Marilyn & The Hubley Hooligans


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