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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

On Sun, 26 May 2002 The Electric Fence always waiting

On Sun, 26 May 2002 19:02:27 -0400, Marilyn Hubley

>I was feeling in a giving mood today and volunteered at the Big Sisters
>booth during a carnival weekend asking for donations. When I got home I
>rescued a wasp from the inside of the house trapped in a window. Now I'm
>feeling all nature like and in tune with my surroundings. So I capture all
>the Hooligans put them in the sunroom and prepare to mow the Martian
>landscape that is my backyard. As I'm exiting the yard and opening the
>gates to bring in the riding mower I notice a wee toad trying to escape.
>Being in the at one with nature mode I bent down to retrieve the little
>creature and put him outside the yard so he wouldn't be mowed or eaten by
>Siberians (found half of one toad not so lucky other day). As I bent down
>smiling that I was helping nature again, my cheek touched the electric
>:) where upon the toad peed on my hand and I dropped him :) Toad got away,
>I wasn't so lucky :) Then I decided to hand TRIM the grass growing between
>the fence posts :) yes ever second pluck of the grass would elicit a squawk
>or cuss from me :) But did I ever go unhook the fence :) no because I am a
>human being and I'm smarter than an electric fence :) Lets just say
>Electric Fence 100 - Marilyn 0 GO LEAFS GOOOOOOOOOOO
>Marilyn (singed) & The Hubley Hooligans (Mom isn't the brightest human on
>the street)


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