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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On Sun, 25 Mar 2001 Jayke = no sleep

On Sun, 25 Mar 2001 07:49:40 -0500, Marilyn Hubley

>So I don't need sleep right???? LMAOOOO OH my god, tried to get Jaykee
>settled starting just after 11, at 12:30am I decided she could sleep with
>Carl in the sunroom cause she wasn't settling down in my bedroom and was
>pissing Tasha off BIG TIME and I didn't want a fight. So she settled right
>down out there at least I think so cause she'd throw back that head and
>given any displeasure LOL Yep at about 1:30am the head went back the other
>stinking puppies were looking at her through the sliding glass doors LMAO
>So I brought her back in and propped open my door and gave her cart-blanc
>the house. She slept ahhhhhh yes she slept, that is until about 6:30am
>uggghhhhhhh then the head went back again LOL Put her out, fed her tried
>to get her back out but the others sure don't make things easy, all want to
>know the new kid. Then she felt she's POOP ON MY RUG in the hall. Yep
>Malamute shit bigger than huskys shit definitely and smelly
>whhhoooooooooaaaaaaaa. Currently she is residing in the hall, lounging,
>when she wants a tummy rub the head goes back and the howling begins LOL
>She's adorable ;)


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